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Paper: Magnetic Twist of EUV Coronal Loops observed by TRACE
Volume: 369, New Solar Physics with Solar-B Mission
Page: 299
Authors: Kwon, R.-Y.; Chae, J.
Abstract: The constriction of plasma into a loop without dispersion may be explained if the magnetic field of the loop is twisted. Based on this idea, Chae and Moon (2005) developed a method of determining magnetic twist of coronal loops by analyzing coronal images and photospheric magnetograms together. We attempt to determine the number distribution of magnetic twist of coronal loops, by expanding their method to more number of EUV loops observed by TRACE 171Å. Preliminary results we have obtained from three loops indicate that these loops have twist values from 1.5π to 2.5π, which suggests that the winding number of EUV coronal loop may be around one.
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