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Paper: Observation of Magnetic Field Reconnection at the Base of EFR Surges
Volume: 369, New Solar Physics with Solar-B Mission
Page: 347
Authors: Kurokawa, H.; Liu, Y.; Sano, S.; Ishii, T.T.
Abstract: We show that surges are the first manifestation of the birth of emerging flux region (EFR) or active regions by demonstarating the evolutions of the earliest stage of EFRs. We call such surges as EFR-surges. We show that almost all surges are associated with the increase or new emergence of the satellite polarity flux at their bases, by presenting the results of quantitative analyses of the magnetic field variations in the surge bases. Our finding is that the eleven of fourteen events showed the increase of the magnetic flux of isolated or satellite polarity at the bases of the surges. Examining these results, we conclude that the emergence of new magnetic flux plays an essential role for the production of Hα surges and that the magnetic fileld reconnection between the EFR and the pre-existing and surounding magnetic field produces surges. We also discuss the future observational target to confirm the validity of the magnetic reconnection model of surges in more details by using the SOT of Solar-B.
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