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Paper: A Statistical Study of the Reconnection Rate in Solar Flares
Volume: 369, New Solar Physics with Solar-B Mission
Page: 429
Authors: Nagashima, K.; Yokoyama, T.
Abstract: We study the reconnection rate statistically to put some restrictions on the reconnection model. 77 flares occurred in the year of 2000 with required data are found. We determine physical parameters of these flares and estimate the inflow velocity, the coronal Alfvén velocity, and the reconnection rate. The reconnection rate defined as the inflow velocity normalized by the Alfvén velocity is an important value as the index of the energy release rate in the reconnection process. The value of the reconnection rate is found in the range from 10−3 to 10−2, which is within one order of magnitude from the theoretical upper limit predicted by the Petschek model, although its dependence on the magnetic Reynolds number is stronger than that of the Petschek model.
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