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Paper: Supra-Arcade Downflows: Results from Observational Analysis
Volume: 369, New Solar Physics with Solar-B Mission
Page: 489
Authors: McKenzie, D.E.; Savage, S.; Tolan, J.E.
Abstract: Downward motions above post-CME flare arcades are an exciting discovery of the Yohkoh mission, and have subsequently been detected with TRACE, SOHO/LASCO, SOHO/SUMER, and GOES/SXI. These “supra-arcade downflows” have been interpreted as outflows from flux tube reconnection, consistent with a 3D generalization of the standard reconnection model of solar flares. We will present results from our observational analyses of downflows, including measured speeds and other aspects related to 3D patchy reconnection. We will also indicate the limitations of present observations, and motivations for utilizing the Solar-B instruments for measurements of these reconnection signatures.
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