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Paper: Observation of a Coronal Mass Ejection and its Source Region with NOrikura Green-line Imaging System (NOGIS)
Volume: 369, New Solar Physics with Solar-B Mission
Page: 543
Authors: Suzuki, I.; Sakurai, T.; Ichimoto, K.
Abstract: NOrikura Green-line Imaging System (NOGIS), with its unique capability of Doppler imaging, was used to study a CME and its source region on 1999 May 7. The source region at the north-east limb consisted of two loop systems. Prior to the CME, one of the two loops moved toward the neighboring other loop in the plane of the sky. Then, the loop apparently touched and destabilized the other loop, resulting in the CME with a red-shifted motion. In the NOGIS field-of-view, the CME propagated non-radially in the plane of the sky. These observations indicate that the direction of mass ejection was determined by the magnetic field configuration around the source region and the location of the initial energy release in the magnetic field structure.
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