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Paper: Study of Small-Scale Dynamics in Quiet Regions from TRACE/BBSO Observations
Volume: 369, New Solar Physics with Solar-B Mission
Page: 573
Authors: Yamauchi, Y.; Wang, H.; Moore, R.L.
Abstract: TRACE UV observations of coronal holes and quiet regions were made in September 2004 jointly with Hα and magnetogram observations at Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO) to study the structure, evolution, and magnetic setting of small-scale explosive events in those regions. Such activity in the fine-scale mixed-polarity magnetic fields in the network is believed to play an important role in coronal heating and solar wind acceleration. From the observations, 373 events were identified. Of these, 343 events were in the form of a spiked jet and 10 events were in the form of an erupting loop. Twenty were unclassifiable. The spiky events were rooted in compact bipolar fields at the edges of the magnetic network and 76% of the events showed brightening at their base in C IV 1550 Å images. This is further evidence that spiky macrospicules are driven by reconnection between a network bipole and high-reaching magnetic fields.
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