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Paper: SiO around the Carbon Star IRAS 06238+0904
Volume: 378, Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars: Their Importance as Actors and Probes
Page: 333
Authors: Pulecka, M.; Schmidt, M.R.; Szczerba, R.; He, J.H.
Abstract: With the IRAM radio telescope we have observed rotational transitions of HCN(10), CS(32), CS(54), and SiO(32) in two carbon stars with OH maser emission detected towards them: IRAS 04130+3918 and IRAS 06238 +0904. We present results of modelling the molecular emissions for the latter object. Physical parameters of the envelope were established from a model of the spectral energy distribution. A chemical model was developed for the envelope assuming that it is a genuine carbon star. The observed emissions were fitted with a non-LTE code. We conclude that the observed abundance of the SiO molecule may be explained by the gas-phase chemistry in the envelope.
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