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Paper: Simultaneous Stokes Imaging and Doppler Tomography of MCVs
Volume: 315, Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables (IAU Colloquium 190)
Page: 78
Authors: Potter, S.; Romero-Colmenero, E.; Buckley, D.; Wood, D.
Abstract: Stokes imaging uses polarimetric observations in order to image indirectly the accretion region on the surface of the white dwarf in magnetic cataclysmic variables (MCVs). Doppler tomography uses spectroscopic observations in order to gain insights into the velocity dynamics of the secondary star, and the ballistic and magnetically confined parts of the accretion stream. Until now, both of these techniques have been applied separately. We present and compare the results of applying both techniques to simultaneous spectroscopic and polarimetric observations of MCVs.
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