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Paper: REVIEW: Multiwavelength Observations of Eclipsing Polars
Volume: 315, Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables (IAU Colloquium 190)
Page: 92
Authors: Schwope, A.; Hambaryan, V.; Staude, A.; Schwarz, R.; Kanbach, G.; Steinle, H.; Schrey, F.; Marsh, T.; Dhillon, V.; Osborne, J.; Wheatley, P.; Potter, S.
Abstract: Multiwavelength observations of polars are essential for developing the big picture of these systems, particularly to gain understanding of the relevant accretion-induced heating and cooling processes. Eclipsing polars are prime targets for such studies since different radiation processes can be disentangled by observations with high-time resolution. We present a preliminary combined analysis of space-based observations (XMM-Newton, ROSAT, HST) with ground-based high-speed photometry (MCCP, OPTIMA, ULTRACAM) of DP Leo, HU Aqr and UZ For. We determine the location and extent of different emission components and find secular and short-term changes in the accretion geometries. We find displaced optical and X-ray emission regions in DP Leo and HU Aqr as well as mini-bursts and accretion arcs of variable size in HU Aqr. We report marked changes in the X-ray eclipse length of UZ For between high and low states.
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