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Paper: Bayesian Analysis of RR Lyrae Distances and Kinematics
Volume: 371, Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy IV
Page: 433
Authors: Jefferys, T.R.; Jefferys, W.H.; Barnes, T.G. III; Dambis, A.
Abstract: We are using a hierarchical Bayes model to analyze the distances, luminosities, and kinematics of RR Lyrae stars. This model relates these characteristics to the raw data of proper motions, radial velcities, apparent luminosities and metallicities of each star. A combination of Gibbs and Metropolis-Hastings sampling, using latent variables for the actual velocity and luminosity of each star, is used to draw a sample from the full posterior distribution of these variables, and draw inferences on the quantities of interest in the usual way. We have applied our model to the HIPPARCOS database.
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