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Paper: Spectroscopic and Photometric Observations of the Magnetic Cataclysmic Variable TX Col
Volume: 315, Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables (IAU Colloquium 190)
Page: 156
Authors: Mhlahlo, N.; Potter, S.B.; Buckley, D.
Abstract: Simultaneous photometry and spectroscopy of the Intermediate Polar TX Col were obtained in order to investigate its accretion mode and dynamics. The spectroscopic and photometric power spectra of TX Col are observed to change on relatively short timescales. Spectroscopy reveals a dominant periodicity at the orbital period (5.69 hr) and a spin period of 1909 s in radial velocities, while line equivalent widths show a strong periodicity at the beat period (2106 s). It is the first time that the orbital period has been detected in optical wavelengths. Furthermore, the photometry shows a strong beat pulse and a relatively strong spin pulse. This is an indication of changes in the accretion mode. Large amplitude variations in photometry are also observed at low frequencies (roughly between 58 and 232 mHz). Here we report preliminary results and attempts we have made to explain our observations.
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