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Paper: High-Speed Imaging and Spectro-Polarimetry with the Subaru Telescope
Volume: 315, Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables (IAU Colloquium 190)
Page: 182
Authors: Sekiguchi, K.; Charles, P.; van Zyl, L.; Woodhouse, G.F.
Abstract: We are developing a high-speed option for the Faint Object Camera and Spectrograph (FOCAS) at the Cassegrain focus of the Subaru 8.2 meter telescope at Mauna Kea, Hawaii. FOCAS has been used for direct imaging, low-dispersion multi-object spectroscopy, imaging polarimetry and spectro-polarimetry of faint objects. The high-speed option utilizes an EEV CCD47-20 with the frame transfer operation to achieve up to ∼ 0.1 sec time resolution. This paper presents a summary of the expected capability and the implementation schedule.
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