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Paper: Cyclotron Emission Features in the Spectra of Polars with Low Accretion Rates
Volume: 315, Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables (IAU Colloquium 190)
Page: 201
Authors: Gospodchikov, E.D.; Serber, A.V.
Abstract: We calculate non-LTE transfer of cyclotron-harmonics radiation in the hot spot of an accreting magnetic white dwarf (WD) in the case where the contribution of the accretion column to the observed radiation is negligible. The observed cyclotron spectra of a polar with a low accretion rate are found. Based on the theory developed, we interpret the cyclotron emission line spectra of the systems and determine physical conditions in the emission regions of HS 1023+3900 and HS 0922+1333.
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