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Paper: Nessie - A versatile multi-fiber feed on the KPNO Mayall 4-meter telescope
Volume: 3, Fiber Optics in Astronomy
Page: 140
Authors: Barden, Samuel C.; Massey, Philip
Abstract: A multi-fiber instrument utilizing the KPNO 4-meter Lockheed Cassegrain Camera as plate holder for fiber-optic plugboards is described. Up to 49 fibers can be positioned on objects in a 40 arc-minute field of view with a minimum separation of 50 arc-seconds. The plugboards, made of Benalex, hold the fibers normal to the flat plane for better alignment with the telescope pupil, but at a depth which follows the curvature of the focal plane. Two 20 meter cables exist, one for optimal observations in the blue, the other for observations redward of 7000 A. These cables feed the light into the Cryocam, the RC spectrograph, or the Echelle which are located in the large coude room during the observations. Sample observations are presented along with some evaluation of the system stability due to the spectrograph being removed from the telescope. A review of the problems in the astrometry for the plates is also given.
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