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Paper: A new value for the Hubble constant from the size of the Galactic bulge
Volume: 4, The Extragalactic Distance Scale: Proceedings of the ASP 100th Anniversary Symposium
Page: 211
Authors: Terndrup, D. M.
Abstract: New surface photometry of the nuclear bulge of the Galaxy can be used to derive the relative distance between the Galactic center and the Virgo cluster. The data calibrate the velocity dispersion/size relation obtained for Virgo spirals by Dressler (1987). The surface brightness distribution of the Galactic bulge/spheroid is well represented by a de Vaucouleurs law with scale length of about 1 kpc, and is therefore somewhat more concentrated than previously thought. The derived Virgo distance from this method, when combined with typical values for the Galaxy's infall velocity, gives H(0) = (50-60) + or - 10 km/s/Mpc.
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