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Paper: Deconvolution
Volume: 6, Synthesis Imaging in Radio Astronomy: A Collection of Lectures from the Third NRAO Synthesis Imaging Summer School
Page: 167
Authors: Cornwell, Tim; Braun, Robert
Abstract: Deconvolution, The "principal solution" and "invisible distributions", Problems with the principal solution, The 'CLEAN' Algorithm, The Hogbom algorithm, The Clark algorithm, The Cotton-Schwab algorithm, Other related algorithms, Practical Details and Problems of 'CLEAN' Usage, The use of boxes, Number of iterations and the loop gain, The problem of short spacings, The 'CLEAN' beam, Use of a priori models, Non-uniqueness, Instabilities, The Maximum Entropy Method (MEM), Practical Details of the Use of MEM, The default image (prior distribution), Total flux density, Varying resolution, Bias, Point sources in extended emission, Comparison of 'CLEAN' and MEM, Other Methods, Including Hybrids
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