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Paper: Self-Calibration
Volume: 6, Synthesis Imaging in Radio Astronomy: A Collection of Lectures from the Third NRAO Synthesis Imaging Summer School
Page: 185
Authors: Cornwell, Tim; Fomalont, Edward B.
Abstract: Problems with Ordinary Calibration, Redundant Calibration and Self-Calibration, Redundant calibration, Self-calibration, Redundant calibration or self-calibration?, Other Approaches to Phase Correction, Closure quantities, Adaptive optics, Why Does Self-Calibration Work?, Practical Problems in Self-Calibration, Specifying the model, Type of solution and weighting schemes, Self-calibration averaging time, Schwab's L1 and L2 solutions, Spectral line self-calibration, Spurious symmetrization, Non-convergence and non-uniqueness Baseline-related effects
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