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Paper: The Design of Aperture Synthesis Arrays
Volume: 6, Synthesis Imaging in Radio Astronomy: A Collection of Lectures from the Third NRAO Synthesis Imaging Summer School
Page: 477
Authors: Hjellming, R. M.
Abstract: The Parameters of Aperture Synthesis Arrays, Performance Factors for Aperture Synthesis Arrays, Holes in the u-v plane, Point source sensitivity, Surface-brightness sensitivity, Minimum observing time per array pointing, Minimum observing time for a large source or field, Beam sidelobe level, beams for different density distributions of data in the aperture plane, Self-calibration for redundant or non-redundant arrays, Optimum matching with single-antenna imaging information, Optimization for geometric simplicity, Practical Factors in Array Design, Antenna diameter and the number of antennas, the number of antenna stations, Antenna transportation system, Topography and site characteristics, Data processing costs, Construction costs vs. operational costs, Major Types of "Ideal" Array Designs, Linear arrays, Radial power-law distributions of antennas, Non-redundant two-dimensional arrays, Circular arrays, Packed arrays and near-equivalence to very large antennas, "Quality" Factors For Arrays
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