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Paper: Stellar wind albedo effects on hot photospheres
Volume: 7, Properties of Hot Luminous Stars: Boulder-Munich Workshop
Page: 97
Authors: Husfeld, Dirk
Abstract: The stellar wind albedo effects on the structure of hot photospheres and on emergent spectral line profiles are investigated for massive O stars of different metallicities and for central stars of planetary nebulas. The albedo functions are calculated from the self-consistent, parameter-free theory of radiatively driven stellar winds. It is found that only for O-type supergiants of solar (i.e., galactic) metallicity the wind albedo is strong enough to produce observable effects. However, it appears that the wind albedo of the galactic O4If star Zeta Puppis as calculated previously by Abbott and Hummer (1985) was overestimated by a factor of two as a consequence of the simplified treatment of the statistical equilibrium in this earlier work. For high-mass central stars of planetary nebulas it is found that geometrical or hydrodynamical effects are more important than heating by back-scattered radiation, indicating that unified model atmospheres are needed and that the approximate hydrostatic plane-parallel photosphere plus wind albedo approach is inappropriate here.
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