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Paper: Self-similar Solutions for Photoevaporated Disks around Young Massive Stars
Volume: 323, Star Formation in the Interstellar Medium: In Honor of David Hollenbach, Chris McKee, and Frank Shu
Page: 239
Authors: Lizano, S.; Lugo, J.
Abstract: The photoevaporation of disks around young massive stars was discussed several years ago by Hollenbach et al. (1994). A slow thermal wind is produced by high energy photons ( > 13.6 ev) from the massive central star that ionize and heat the material of the circumstellar disk. Here we discuss a of an isothermal photoevaporating wind from a Keplerian disk around a massive young star. The solutions give the velocity and density structure of the ionized winds. Because of their simplicity, they are very useful to compare with observed sources and explore the physical conditions of these winds.
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