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Paper: The Formation and Early Evolution of Protostellar Accretion Disks
Volume: 323, Star Formation in the Interstellar Medium: In Honor of David Hollenbach, Chris McKee, and Frank Shu
Page: 287
Authors: Konigl, A.
Abstract: Newly formed stars are often observed to possess circumstellar disks, from which mass continues to be accreted onto the star and fed into outflowing jets, and which eventually may evolve into dusty debris disks and planetary systems. Recent modeling developments have made it possible, for the first time, to study the formation and early evolution of rotationally supported protostellar disks in the context of a realistic scenario of star formation in weakly ionized, magnetic, molecular cloud cores. The derived semianalytic solutions incorporate ambipolar diffusion and magnetic braking and may be extended to include centrifugally driven disk winds; they can be used to examine the full range of expected behaviors of real systems and their dependence on physical parameters.
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