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Paper: Kinematical study of groups of galaxies
Volume: 18, The Interpretation of Modern Synthesis Observations of Spiral Galaxies
Page: 155
Authors: Puche, Daniel; Carignan, Claude
Abstract: The results of a kinematical study of the Sculptor group are presented. It is shown that a comparison of the dynamical study of the members with the H I kinematical analysis of the individual galaxies, gives some insight on the distribution of dark matter in the group. The dark matter halos of the galaxies need only extend to about 40 kpc to include the total dynamical mass of the group. An overdensity of at least three orders of magnitude exists between the dark matter density in the galaxies and the intergalactic medium. A preliminary dynamical analysis of the M101 group shows a similar tendency of dark matter to be more concentrated around the optical galaxies.
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