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Paper: Radio continuum properties of irregular galaxies
Volume: 18, The Interpretation of Modern Synthesis Observations of Spiral Galaxies
Page: 183
Authors: Hunter, Deidre A.
Abstract: The radio-continuum properties of disk galaxies without spiral arms are reviewed to draw conclusions regarding the noninteracting nearby Magellanic irregulars. Correlations are reviewed that link the radio-continuum emission to HII regions and H alpha emissions, and general correlations are noted with FIR emission and with atomic HI gas. Individual HII regions are noted which, along with two supernovae remnants, are examples of discrete radio-emission sources. The structures are shown to be near star-forming regions, although the distances to OB clusters are large; the results indicate that irregulars play a role in star-formation feedback and heavy-element redistribution. It is suggested that the irregular galaxies result from magnetic structuring of the interstellar medium and funnel charged particles.
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