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Paper: Star formation - A theoretician's view
Volume: 20, Frontiers of Stellar Evolution: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of McDonald Observatory (1939-1989)
Page: 23
Authors: Shu, Frank H.
Abstract: The present evaluation of the hypothesis that the birth of a sunlike star occurs in four stages, with a critical bipolar outflow phase, notes that observed molecular outflows cannot be initiated from circumstellar disks and must instead represent swept-up shells of gas that are driven by strong protostellar winds. The star can resolve its growing angular-momentum problem only by rejecting a fraction of the material that is fed through the disk in a powerful, magnetocentrifugally-driven wind. Empirical properties measured for well-collimated outflow sources can be accounted for by the interaction of this anisotropic wind with the ambient molecular cloud core.
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