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Paper: Neutron stars and black holes
Volume: 20, Frontiers of Stellar Evolution: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of McDonald Observatory (1939-1989)
Page: 299
Authors: Lamb, F. K.
Abstract: The radiation of neutron stars is powered by accretion, rotation, or internal heat; accreting black holes are thought to be the central engines of AGNs and of a handful of binary X-ray sources in the Galaxy. The evolution of a neutron star depends on the coupling between the rotating neutron and proton fluids in the interior, and between these fluids and the crust; it also depends on the magnetic and thermal properties of the star. Significant progress has been made in recent years in the understanding of radial and disk accretion by black holes. Radiation from pair plasmas may make an important contribution to the X- and gamma-ray spectra of AGNs and black holes in binary systems.
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