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Paper: The large-scale clustering of radio galaxies
Volume: 21, The Space Distribution of Quasars
Page: 230
Authors: Peacock, John
Abstract: The spatial distribution of radio galaxies within the volume z less than 0.1 is investigated using a new all-sky redshift survey. At small separations, the correlation function is well fitted by xi = (r/r0) exp -1.8, with r0 = 11 +/- 1/h Mpc. On larger scales, direct power-spectrum analysis is the preferred technique for quantifying clustering. The power spectrum has a break at lambda roughly 200/h Mpc; there is less large-scale clustering than would be implied by the power-law model for xi. This power spectrum has the same shape as that inferred from optical and IRAS samples. For adiabatic CDM, it argues for a larger amplitude of fluctuations than is conventional, but the model then predicts excessive small-scale power. However, a CDM model seeded with textures agrees well with observation.
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