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Paper: Claims for periodicity in quasar redshifts
Volume: 21, The Space Distribution of Quasars
Page: 264
Authors: Scott, Douglas
Abstract: Several separate claims have been made for periodicity in the redshifts of quasars and other high z objects. The most persistent claim has been for dealt ln(1 + z) roughly 0.2, which goes back to 1971, and has received more support in the recent literature. However, the scale of this effect is just where there should be most concern about selection effects. Furthermore, the characteristic peaks and troughs found in some redshift histograms are absent in the most carefully selected samples of high z objects. It is therefore reasonable to assume that the observed effect has been entirely due to selection biases. If this explanation is accepted, then a search for the periodicity in incomplete samples provides a crude but simple method of assessing the completeness in redshift space.
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