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Paper: Very Long Baseline Interferometry in the USSR
Volume: 300, Radio Astronomy at the Fringe
Page: 9
Authors: Matveyenko, L.I.
Abstract: A method of interferometry using independent local oscillators, registration of the radio and pilot signals on tape recorders, and correlation of these data was proposed by me in Spring 1962, to the Soviet DSN. It was reported at FIAN' and GAISh' seminars (September 1962), and presented to the Patent Bureau. A paper on the long-baseline radio interferometer was sent to Radiofizika (December 1963). In the Summer 1963, during a visit to the USSR, B. Lovell became acquainted with “independent” interferometry and DSN equipment, including atomic standards and tape recorders. A memorandum about a DSN-Jodrell Bank experiment at 32 cm was prepared. On 23 February 1968 K. Kellermann and M. Cohen sent a letter to V. Vitkevich proposing a USA-USSR VLBI experiment. We visited NRAO in January 1969 to adjust the parameters of the experiment, and then discussed with W. Welch (Berkeley) possible H2O sources as candidates for VLBI, and we discussed with B. Burke (MIT) the equipment for a Simeiz-Haystack experiment at 1.35 cm. I review the Global VLBI Network, studies of AGN objects, maser sources, and Venus balloons—VEGA.
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