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Paper: An Information System for Proposal Submission and Handling
Volume: 77, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IV
Page: 58
Authors: Chavan, A. M.; Albrecht, M. A.
Abstract: The Proposal Handling and Reporting System (PHRS) is a software system aimed at supporting ESO's Observing Programme Committee (OPC) during the entire review process of the Observing Time Proposals. Proposals are written in a mark-up language based on \LaTeX\ and are submitted via e-mail. PHRS maintains a database of validated proposals, and operators are enabled to browse it via user-friendly GUI tools, developed using Tcl/Tk. Referees receive PHRS generated printed reports, and submit proposal ratings via e-mail. Panel and OPC meetings are supported by interactive data entry tools and printed documents; in order to obtain high-quality output, all printed reports are processed via \LaTeX. The final telescope schedule is published both on-line (World Wide Web) and in printed form. PHRS was already successfully employed twice (for Periods 54 and 55), handling over 250 (peak) proposal submissions per day.
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