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Paper: Spatial Structure of NGC 6822: an Example for Statistical Modeling of Astronomical Data
Volume: 77, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IV
Page: 323
Authors: Pasztor, L.; Gallart, C.; Aparicio, A.; Vilchez, J. M.
Abstract: The spatial distribution of stars in the Local Group dwarf irregular galaxy NGC 6822 has been studied, using recent positions and deep photometry for about 15,000 stars in the galaxy. Based on photometrical data, OB stars and red stars could be studied separately. Spatial statistical tools have been applied to the analysis of the spatial structure. The primary aim of the analysis was to find associations among OB stars of the sample in statistical way; that is to quantify the grouping tendency visible in the images of the dwarf galaxy with the aid of merely statistical models. In the present paper the technical aspects of the analysis are discussed.
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