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Paper: The OPUS Pipeline: A Partially Object-Oriented Pipeline System
Volume: 77, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IV
Page: 429
Authors: Rose, J.; Akella, R.; Binegar, S.; Choo, T. H.; Heller-Boyer, C.; Hester, T.; Hyde, P.; Perrine, R.; Rose, M. A.; Steuerman, K.
Abstract: The Post Observation Data Processing System (PODPS) for Hubble Space Telescope Science Operations Ground System was designed under the expectation that problems and bottlenecks would be resolved over time by bigger, faster computers. As a consequence, PODPS processes are highly coupled to other processes. Without touching the internal components of the system, the second generation system decouples the PODPS architecture, constructs a system with limited dependencies, and develops an architecture where global knowledge of the system's existence is unnecessary. Such a (partially) object-oriented system allows multiple processes to be distributed on multiple nodes over multiple paths.
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