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Paper: The Age Dispersion of the Galactic Disks
Volume: 92, Formation of the Galactic Halo. . . . Inside and Out
Page: 65
Authors: Agostinho, R.; Anton, S.; Maia, D.; Rose, J.; Stock, J.
Abstract: Some results of the uvbybeta photometry of 237 F--G stars located in two fields situated near the South Galactic Pole, are presented here. These observations were carried out with the 0.5m Danish Telescope at ESO. We can conclude the following: 1) Stars with a large asymmetric drift show: a) No substantially different age distribution when compared to the thin disk. Thick disk candidates show an age range from 6--7 to 12--14 Gyr and a velocity dispersion of sigma_ {{W}}}=38 +/- 10 \km; b) However, some stars have solar-like metallicity. 2) The age distributions for thin disk candidates in different [Fe/H] bins are not identical, nevertheless, no well defined age--metallicity relation can be established.
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