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Paper: The Galaxy-Halo Connection: Present Status and Future Prospects
Volume: 92, Formation of the Galactic Halo. . . . Inside and Out
Page: 474
Authors: van den Bergh, Sidney
Abstract: This paper attempts to summarize the proceedings of this Conference. Most of the data presented appear to be consistent with a ``Standard Model'' in which the central region of the protogalaxy collapsed on a short timescale 'a la ELS, while the outer halo was assembled 'a la SZ over a longer period of time. However,it is not yet clear how (1) the great ages of NGC 2419 and Pal 3,and (2) the relation between halflight radii of globular clusters and their Galactocentric distance, fit into this scheme. Also it is not clear from the Standard Model why globular cluster ages and halflight radii correlate so much better with their perigalactic distances than they do with their present Galactocentric distances.
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