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Paper: Searching for Planets around Stars in Wide Binaries
Volume: 321, Extrasolar Planets: Today and Tomorrow
Page: 103
Authors: Desidera, S.; Gratton, R.G.; Claudi, R.U.; Carretta, E.; Lucatello, S.; Martinez-Fiorenzano, A.; Bonanno, G.; Cosentino, R.; Scuderi, S.; Barbieri, M.; Endl, M.; Marzari, F.; Brocato, E.; Dolci, M.; Valentini, G.
Abstract: We describe the status of the radial velocity planet search on going at the Italian National Telescope TNG using the high resolution spectrograph SARG. The targets are stars in wide binaries. We are looking for the dynamical effects on the presence and characteristics of planetary systems caused by the stellar companion and for the chemical anomalies due to the ingestion of planetary material.
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