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Paper: Luminosity Functions of YSO Clusters in Star Forming Regions: NIR and MIR Surveys
Volume: 322, The Formation and Evolution of Massive Young Star Clusters
Page: 389
Authors: Tamura, M.; Ojha, D.; SIRIUS and ASTRO-F Star Formation teams
Abstract: We have conducted near-infrared (NIR) surveys of massive star forming regions (SFRs) with JHKs simultaneous camera, SIRIUS, of which the results for the W3 Main and NGC 7538 SFRs are presented. Typical limiting J magnitudes are ~19 mag. Based on the NIR color-color diagrams and their clustering properties, the candidate YSOs are identified and their luminosity functions are constructed. These YSOs show a clear clustering pattern in each region. In both W3 Main and NGC 7538, the slope of the Ks-band luminosity functions is lower than the typical values reported for the young embedded clusters. Also introduced are planned follow-up mid-infrared (MIR) observations with the ASTRO-F space mission and NIR multi-object observations with the second-generation Subaru instruments.
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