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Paper: Young Stars in the ISOGAL Survey
Volume: 132, Star Formation with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO)
Page: 137
Authors: Omont, A.; Perault, M.; Alard, C.; Caillaud, B.; Felli, M.; Gilmore, G.; Ojha, D.; Simon, G.; Testi, L.; ISOGAL Team
Abstract: ISOGAL is a 15 and 7 microns ISOCAM survey of ~20 square degrees distributed along the inner Galactic disk. Combined with the near-infrared data of the DENIS survey, it is the first near+mid-infrared, high-resolution imaging survey of the inner disk and bulge of the Milky Way Galaxy (Perault et al. 1996). The ISO satellite, and especially ISOCAM, allow a quantum jump in observational analyses of Galactic structure and stellar populations, star formation and infrared properties of the interstellar medium, especially in the most obscured regions of the inner Galactic disk. The study of stellar formation at Galactic scales is one of its major goals. The analysis of the first results confirm the expectations derived from the IRAS results on YSOs in nearby giant molecular clouds: ISOGAL is able to detect solar mass YSOs (of "type I and II") up to a few kpc, and those of intermediate mass up to the Galactic Center. The combination with the near infrared data of the DENIS survey allows to discriminate YSOs from other ISOGAL sources, mainly red giants. From the detection of more than 10 000 YSOs, one can expect a detailed and global view of star formation in the different environments of the most obscured regions of the inner Galaxy. In addition to such individual YSOs, ISOGAL will also bring various other information related to star formation in the inner Galaxy in particular through the rich diffuse IR emission by PAHs and dust in regions of stellar formation and the dark cloud condensations of various sizes traced by high IR extinction.
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