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Paper: What is Happening to V725 Sagittarii?
Volume: 135, A Half Century of Stellar Pulsation Interpretations: a Tribute to Arthur N. Cox
Page: 171
Authors: Wehlau, A.; Atcheson, T.; Demers, S.
Abstract: V 725 Sgr is an unique star which appears to be a Population II RV Tauri star or semi-regular variable whose puzzling behavior has never been satisfactority explained. >From 1889 through about 1920 the star varied irregularly and steadily increased in brightness. Following this, the variable exhibited regular pulsations of up to two magnitudes from 1928 through 1935. In addition, during those years its period of pulsation increased by about 1 day per year from 12 days to 21 days, and its mean photographic brightness decreased by more than a magnitude. Observations of the variable from 1889 until 1926 and after 1935 showed only low amplitude irregular or semi-regular variation. Recent observations seem to indicate that the star's mean brightness is again on the increase and it has now reached a visual magnitude of about 12.0. There is some chance that V725 Sgr may experience a similar episode of regular pulsation in the not too distant future. Therefore increased monitoring of the star would be of value.
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