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Paper: Do Overtone Cepheids Exhibit a Resonance Effect at 3.2 Days in Their Radial Velocity Curve?
Volume: 135, A Half Century of Stellar Pulsation Interpretations: a Tribute to Arthur N. Cox
Page: 241
Authors: Kienzle, F.; Pont, F.; Bersier, D.; Moskalik, P.
Abstract: First overtone Cepheids show a discontinuity near 3.2 days in their f21 vs. P diagram which has been attributed to the P1/P4=2 resonance by Antonello and Aikawa (1993). However, the hydrodynamical models show a weaker drop in f21and a shallower minimum in R21 diagrams when compared to the light curves data. Since radial velocities are better reproduced by the models, high quality (sigma < 1 kms) radial velocity data were obtained for ten s-Cepheids with periods ranging from three to five days. The Fourier parameters have been deduced and are compared to the hydrodynamical models predictions in the f21 vs. P and R21 vs. P diagrams.
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