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Paper: Determination of the Permissible Solutions Area by Image Reconstruction from a few Projections: Method 2-CLEAN DSA
Volume: 145, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VII
Page: 58
Authors: Agafonov, M. I.
Abstract: We have proposed the 2-CLEAN DSA (Determination of Solution Area) method for the estimation of the area of possible images (from the ``obtuse" (smooth) to the ``sharp" variants) in complicated cases with constraints and poor $ a\ priori $ information. The area of permissible solutions can be determined with the help of two CLEAN algorithms: standard CLEAN and Trim Contour CLEAN (TC-CLEAN). The procedure has high efficiency and simple criteria by errors minimization of initial and control 1-D profiles. We present here a description of some valuable features of the reconstruction technique.
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