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Paper: Slitless Multiobject Spectroscopy with FOSC Type Instruments
Volume: 145, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VII
Page: 78
Authors: Polcaro, V. F.; Viotti, R.
Abstract: We present a simple, effective technique that allows the contemporary spectroscopy of all the objects, up to a limiting magnitude, contained in a $\sim$ 100 arcmin$^2$ field. This technique makes possible the immediate and unambiguous identification of peculiar objects included in the field. A data analysis procedure that produces the final results in a very short time has also been developed. As a test of this technique, we present the results$^*$ obtained for the peculiar young open cluster Berkeley 87. We show that this technique should also be quite useful in emission line and WR star surveys, and illustrate the software procedures developed to make the wavelength and flux calibration of these spectra.
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