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Paper: AE Aquarii Emission Processes from Radio to Infrared
Volume: 330, The Astrophysics of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects
Page: 341
Authors: Abada-Simon, M.; Casares, J.; Evans, A.; Eyres, R.; Fender, R.; Garrington, S.; de Jager, O.C.; Kuno, N.; Martinez-Pais, I.G.; de Martino, D.; Matsuo, H.; Mouchet, M.; Pooley, G.; Ramsay, G.; Salama, A.; Schulz, B.
Abstract: AE Aquarii is a Magnetic Cataclysmic Variable (MCV) flaring at all wavelengths. The origin of its emission from radio to ≤ 10μm is thought to be magneto-bremsstrahlung from both thermal and non-thermal electron energy distributions.
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