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Paper: Modeling of Explosive Events in the Solar Atmosphere
Volume: 154, Cool Stars, Stellar Systems and the Sun: Tenth Cambridge Workshop
Page: 693
Authors: Sarro, L. M.; Doyle, J. G.; Montesinos, B.; Erdelyi, R.; de Sterck, H.
Abstract: High-resolution ultraviolet (UV) spectra show transient brightenings --- often referred to as explosive events --- in the solar atmosphere. The present work describes the progress made on their numerical simulations. Using semi-circular magnetic flux tubes we find that thermal energy perturbations drive flows along the flux tube. The time evolution of our simulations first shows a sudden rise in temperature at the perturbation site followed by the ejection of cool dense gas bullets and the generation of sound waves. This is then followed by the appearance of ``new'' transition regions moving at different velocities. Our computational results are converted into UV line profiles in (non)-equilibrium ionization. Observational signatures (e.g., emission measures) are calculated as a function of time at different locations on the solar disk.
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