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Paper: A New Look at the gamma Doradus Phenomenon
Volume: 154, Cool Stars, Stellar Systems and the Sun: Tenth Cambridge Workshop
Page: 773
Authors: Kaye, Anthony B.; Bagnuolo, William G.; Hall, Douglas S.; Henry, Gregory W.
Abstract: We present recent multi-color differential photometry taken with the Vanderbilt University / Tennessee State University 0.4 meter Automatic Photoelectric Telescope of three suspected gamma Doradus-type variable stars, HD 32537, HD 152569, and HD 165645. Based on the time-scales and amplitudes of variations deduced from Fourier analysis, we conclude that each of these objects are bona fide members of the gamma Doradus class of variable stars. In addition, we present a ``cartoon" model that we believe may shed some light on the physics behind these variations.
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