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Paper: Photo-polarimetric Observations of the New Eclipsing Polar CTCV J1928-5001
Volume: 330, The Astrophysics of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects
Page: 423
Authors: Potter, S.B.; Augusteijn, T.; Tappert, C.
Abstract: We report photometric and polarimetric observations of the new eclipsing polar (AM Herculis system) discovered in the Calán-Tololo survey. The photometry and polarimetry are modulated on a period of ~101 minutes. Circular polarization variations are seen from approximately ~ −8 to 12 per cent and from ~ 0 to 5 percent in the red and blue parts of the optical spectrum, respectively. Two linear polarized pulses are detected at orbital phases coinciding with the reversals in the circular polarization. This is consistent with a 'two-pole' accretor with a magnetic field strength of ~ 20 MG. Both accreting poles are self-occulted by the white dwarf during parts of the orbit. From the eclipses we estimate some of the system's parameters, which we further refine by modelling the polarimetric observations.
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