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Paper: Results from the 3 November 1994 Solar Eclipse: Density and Temperature Variations in Streamers and Coronal Holes
Volume: 154, Cool Stars, Stellar Systems and the Sun: Tenth Cambridge Workshop
Page: 1035
Authors: Foing, B. H.; Duvet, L.; Ligot, L.; Oliveira, J.; Beaufort, T.; Wiik, J. E.; Altieri, B.; Henrich, N.; Cravatte, S.; Maurice, E.
Abstract: We report results from our observations of the 3 November 1994 total solar eclipse from the North Chile altiplano. From the military base of Putre, we used our transportable CCD camera and telescope, as well as support photographic digitised observations from Putre and Parinacota volcano. We obtained images from the inner to the outer corona, as well as low-resolution spectra of prominences and of the inner corona. We present the analysis of images and spectra of prominences in the Balmer, He 1 and Ca 2 lines, and in the Thomson scattered continuum. The variation of density and equivalent temperature was derived in coronal holes (plumes and interplumes) and in equatorial streamers.
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