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Paper: Multiwavelength EUVE/ASCA/RXTE Observations of Algol and the [Fe/H] Abundance
Volume: 154, Cool Stars, Stellar Systems and the Sun: Tenth Cambridge Workshop
Page: 1166
Authors: Stern, Robert A.; Lemen, James R.; Antunes, Sandy; Drake, Stephen A.; Nagase, Fumiaki; Schmitt, Jurgen H. M. M.; Singh, Kulinderpal; White, Nicholas E.
Abstract: EUVE, ASCA, and XTE observed the eclipsing binary Algol (beta Per) from 1-7 Feb 96. The coordinated observation covered ~2 binary orbits of the system, with a net exposure of ~160 ksec for EUVE, 40 ksec for ASCA (in 4 pointings), and 90 ksec for XTE (in 45 pointings). We discuss results of modeling the combined EUVE, ASCA, and XTE data using continuous differential emission measure distributions, and provide constraints on the Fe abundance in the Algol system.
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