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Paper: Rotation-Activity Relations for Cool Zero-Age-Main-Sequence (ZAMS) Stars
Volume: 154, Cool Stars, Stellar Systems and the Sun: Tenth Cambridge Workshop
Page: 1205
Authors: Ambruster, Carol W.; Brown, Alexander; Fekel, Francis C.; Harper, Graham M.; Fabian, Dirk; Wood, Brian; Guinan, Edward F.
Abstract: Chromospheric and transition region (TR) rotation-activity relations are presented, based on HST/GHRS observations of a homogeneous group of 6 solar-neighborhood Pleiades Moving Group members. The 6 stars are all between spectral types K0 V and K2 V, i.e., they are just coming on to the Zero-Age-Main-Sequence (ZAMS). The GHRS fluxes generally agree well with fluxes measured by IUE, in particular, the GHRS data confirm the IUE result that the Mg 2 h+k fluxes are virtually saturated. However, for O 1 (lambda1304+lambda1306), which is also a chromospheric line, the flux level depends on rotation rate for periods longer than ~2-3 days. The slope of this relation is not as steep as that for the TR line, C 4 (lambda1548+lambda1551), as expected. We suggest that the different behaviors of Mg 2 and O 1 lies in their different excitation mechanisms.
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