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Paper: Indicators of Intense Activity in the Recently Discovered Late-Type Rapid Rotator, RE 1816+541
Volume: 154, Cool Stars, Stellar Systems and the Sun: Tenth Cambridge Workshop
Page: 1410
Authors: Eibe, M. T.; Byrne, P. B.; Robb, R. M.
Abstract: As part of a project to analyse prominence-like clouds in rapid rotators, we have obtained time-series of high resolution spectra of the rapidly rotating (v sin i ~61 km s^{-1}, P_rot ~0.459 d) dM1-2e star, Re 1816+541. These observations display a wide range of magnetic activity phenomena. A strong emission transient is seen to cross the profile in about half a rotation period and recurs on three consecutive nights, providing evidence for plage-like features. Prominence corotating clouds have been optically identified in the stellar atmosphere and their analysis has led to important conclusions. A very large flare was detected during one of the nights, showing strong effects in several chromospheric emission lines. Finally, results from simultaneous differential photometry suggest the existence of large spotted regions on the stellar surface.
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