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Paper: Observations of the Polar ST Leonis Minoris during an Extreme Low State: Identification of the Secondary Star
Volume: 157, Annapolis Workshop on Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables
Page: 146
Authors: Ciardi, David R.; Howell, Steve B.; Dhillon, V. S.; Wagner, R. Mark; Hauschildt, Peter H.; Allard, France
Abstract: We present near-infrared (1.85-2.47 micron) spectroscopic observations of the polar ST Leonis Minoris (ST LMi) in an extreme low-state. The near-infrared spectra, showing no emission lines whatsoever, are produced solely by the secondary star. We have fit the average spectrum with a series of stellar atmosphere models and found the secondary star to have an average temperature of 2800 plus or minus 100 K. However, the phase-resolved spectra show a strong variation in the near-infrared spectra as a function of orbital phase, corresponding to a variation in the surface temperature of the star, ranging from about 3100 K to 2700 K.
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