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Paper: Two Periods of the Variability in V380 Oph
Volume: 330, The Astrophysics of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects
Page: 495
Authors: Shugarov, S.Yu.; Katysheva, N.A.; Seregina, T.M.; Volkov, I.M.; Kroll, P.
Abstract: It was shown that the nova-like cataclysmic variable V380 Oph is at the "high" most of the time and sometimes switches over to "low" stage. The "low" state continues through several months. We classified V380 Oph as an "anti-dwarf-nova", or VY Scl-type star. The orbital period was rectified (Porb = 0.14817d) and the independent period (P2 = 4.513d) was found.
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